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Game faces for Gaudu and Froome. No pixels required

Tour of Catalunya: Stage 7 – Barcelona to Barcelona If you’ve ever played Cycling Manager, you’ll be familiar with some of the effects the final stage of the Tour of Catalunya had on some riders today. The game allows you to play as any…

A half hour is a long time in cycling

Tour of Catalunya: Stage 6, Tortosa to Reus How many seconds lead do two riders, having broken free of the bunch, actually need to guarantee a win? I mean after you factor in all that fannying around as they pass beneath the flame rouge,…

Carthy turns Lo Port into High Point

 Tour of Catalunya: Stage 5. Valls to Lo Port (Tortosa) There were unlikely heroes out there in Catalunya today, the kind of dauntless warriors who decided, after 160 km on the bike, that Lo Port was going to be their high point, even if…

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