Off The Back features irreverent stories from that day’s bike racing – whether that’s the disgust shown by a director sportif pulling over to pick up the bike tossed into a ditch by his frustrated rider, or a heroic breakaway doomed to failure. They might not be the most important stories of the day, but they suit the cycling fan who loves the sport so much they’ll read anything.

What it isn’t is a place to get the latest race results, or predictions, or an analysis of the latest news – there are much better places to get that information (try Cycling News and ProCyclingStats). What you will find though is sideways look at what makes professional cycling great to watch, with a few hand drawn pictures thrown in, and a sizeable amount of artistic license.

I’m came to write this after falling in love with cycling for a second time, 20 years after giving it up as a kid. I suddenly realised that when not out on my own bike I liked nothing more than sitting in front of the TV watching others on theirs – everything from the Tour de France to the Tour of Taihu Lake.

I live in Whitstable, Kent, with my family, where I’m normally out on my bike each weekend. You can contact me using the contact form listed above or at sjbartley@gmail.com.

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Stephen Bartley