The fastest parking attendent in the world

Giro d’Italia: Stage 6 – Reggio Calabria to Terme Lugiane (217km)

The man in the hi-vis jacket leaps into action

After 217 km of riding Silvan Dillier and Jasper Stuyven were somehow about to slog it out with what energy they had left for a memorable stage win.

Behind them Lukas Postlberger was doing what he could to keep up, failing gallantly to spin his wheels quickly enough to contest a second stage win. Meanwhile Bardiani-CSF’s Simone Andreetta, tired for the last 50km, was out of contention, but rolling doggedly on towards the finish line a few seconds back.

Neither rider could be described after that kind of effort to be at their quickest by this point. The man in the hi-vis jacket meanwhile was moving at lightening speed.

Which was probably a good job.

The peloton moves into view behind the break, and a fleet of cars

With the break a minute ahead of the chasing peloton the moment for logistical nightmares was fast approaching, with bikes and cars gridlocking the ever-decreasing space between the last breakaway rider and the group.

Clearly it needed a man of exceptional speed and authority to get them out of the way in an orderly fashion. Or a man in a tabard and holding a stick, frantically waving cars out of the way.

In the nick of time

Which is what he did, possibly while yelling in the direction of Andreeta, telling him to get a move on. But he ushered cars out of the road with the dexterity of a jungle cat, shimmying to the left in the nick of time to give the chasing pack the room they needed, and averting a massive pile up of bikes, riders, TV cameras and hi-vis jackets in the process.

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