Tirreno-Adriatico: Peter Sagan’s dog day afternoon

Stage 7: (ITT) San Benedetto del Tronto to San Benedetto del Tronto

It was a beautiful day in San Benedetto del Tronto today. The sun was shining, the skies were clear and blue, and the barometer pointed to about 14 degrees Celsius. It was the type of weather that invited a stroll along the beach, with the dog, especially given that the traffic seemed so quiet.

Sagan closes his eyes and hopes for the best

So thought one resident, who while making their way to the beach over a zebra crossing, looked left to see a high speed scarlet haze coming directly for her, stopping them in their tracks, and passing by inches from her face. Both she and the dog then watching what they didn’t realise at the time was a Peter Sagan shaped blur swing left onto the cycle path – where the woman had, to be fair, probably expected to see a bike – weave past spectators, before swinging right, back onto the road, and looking back to say something that was most likely derogatory.

Sagan looks back to check that what just happened actually just happened

You’ll find Sagan’s UCI-cycle-path-ban-defying maneuver played again and again on the Tirreno-Adriatico highlight reel.

There, in slow motion, you’ll see the woman halting mid-crossing, trying to second-guess which direction Sagan, by now wobbling hard on the brakes, would turn. Thankfully he’d already made the decision, lunging left towards a gap in the curb, leaving the lady, and the fluffy dog (which bore a passing resemblance to Peter Sagan), convinced crossing roads was no longer for them.

It was safe to say the walk was ruined. So was Sagan’s time trial. Not that he had cause to worry, having secured enough points to keep the red jersey. The same red jersey the woman will be seeing in her sleep for days.

Go to ProCyclingStats.com for the full result.

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